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The goal of The Naples Interagency Scholarship Program is to encourage
students to pursue careers in healthcare, social or human services to benefit
the citizens of Collier County.
Scholarship Award Ceremony will be held during our October membership
meeting. Awards will be presented to the scholarship winners by
our Executive Sponsors.  
Applications should be postmarked no later than midnight on October 15, 2023 for consideration.  Recipients will be notified at the end of October 2023 of their award status. All scholarships awarded will be presented in person at the Scholarship Awards Ceremony. Graduate work is available for scholarship. Scholarship eligibility award will be for healthcare related.  Vocational/Trade/College/Graduate education.


  1. Applicant must have a minimum of or attaining a high school diploma within 9 months of applying, a GED, or accepted into a qualified program at the discretion of the board.

  2. Applicant must have maintained a GPA of 2.5 or higher on all transcripts.

  3. Applicant must demonstrate active participation/interest in the healthcare fields and provide a service to the community.

  4. Applicant must be recommended by someone from a field related to health or any medical association, a Letter of Recommendation must be submitted from that individual.

  5. Copies of official school transcripts from all high schools, trade/vocational or colleges attended in the last 4 years, which ever applies (high school transcripts from school where diploma was received).

  6. Note: Transcripts must be provided directly to the Scholarship Committee at

  7. Prepare a typed short introduction including your background, education, financial need, community involvement and any other pertinent information that will allow our committee to get to know you. 

  8. Please complete a typed short essay on one of the following topics:

    • How has healthcare positively or negatively, affected you or a family member?

    • How have you responded to the needs of an individual in your community?

    • How has a particular individual, (role model/parent/teacher, etc.) impacted your journey in life?

  9. Applicants must be a COLLIER COUNTY resident, have no criminal background. Please include a copy of your Florida issued ID or Driver’s License.

  10. Annual Scholarship awards do not renew.  You must apply annually in order to be considered for all scholarships.  

Scholarship Application Download

Any applications that are incomplete will not be considered

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